About the Coast Guard


To conduct Maritime Surveillance of Guyana’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). 

To enforce all Maritime laws on and under the high seas and waters subject to the jurisdiction of Guyana. 

To conduct operations in support of land forces

Tasks of the Coast Guard

  1. Fisheries Protection Patrols.
  2. Coastal Surveillance.
  3. Harbour Patrols.
  4. Anti Smuggling Operations.
  5. Anti Narcotic Operations.
  6. Search and Rescue.
  7. Safety at Sea
  8. Riverain Small Boat Operations
  9. Maintain Port Safety and Security.
  10. Troop Transport.
  11. Monitor Maritime Pollution.
  12. Surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zone.
  13. Maintenance of the Integrity of the EEZ.
  14. Civil Defence Operations.
  15. Conduct Maritime Traffic Management.
  16. Conduct Maritime Training for GDF.
  17. Advise Defence Headquarters on Maritime Affairs.

Threats to the Coast Guard 

  1. Illegal Fishing
  2. Smuggling
  3. Trafficking in illegal drugs and weapons
  4. Piracy/ Armed robberies at sea
  5. Maritime Pollution
  6. Maritime Terrorism
  7. Median Line Integrity
  8. Flooding

Coast Guard Commanders

  1. Lt Joseph Skeete Marine Wing 1967
  2. Lt Harry Hinds Marine Wing 1980
  3. Lt Cdr Rochie Adams Maritime Command 1983 
  4. Cdr Harry Hinds Maritime Command 1987
  5. Lt Cdr Gary Best Coast Guard 1995
  6. Lt Cdr Godfrey George Coast Guard 1999
  7. Cdr Terrence Pile Coast Guard 2002
  8. Cdr John Flores Coast Guard 2003
  9. Cdr Andrew Pompey Coast Guard 2005
  10. Cdr Godfrey George Coast Guard 2006
  11. Cdr John Flores Coast Guard 2008


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