About the Medical Corps


To provide primary medical and dental care to all the members of the Force and their immediate families.


  1. In order for Medical Corps to execute its role the following tasks are assigned:
  2. Medically examine and screen all applicants and members of the Force.
  3. Conduct dental inspections of all applicants and members of the Force.
  4. Liaise with the Ministry of Health for all aspects of training beyond the capabilities of the GDF.
  5. Advise the COS of health matters.
  6. Support medical outreach operations.
  7. Provide ambulatory care to members of the Force.
  8. Establish a preventative health care programme.
  9. Conduct health education training.
  10. Conduct annual examination for all ranks.
  11. Advise, evaluate and administer and environmental health programme.
  12. Provide Hospitalization when necessary.
  13. Conduct psychological profiling at these stages:
  •  In processing
  •  Pre-operations
  •  Post-operation


The Medical Corps is administrated by a Captain, the Medical department is headed by a Major the FMO and the Dental FDO. The HQ is situated in Base Camp Ayanganna and it has the following facilities:

  1. Offices
  2. A Medical laboratory
  3. Treatment room
  4. Medical Wards
  5. VCT Site
  6. Minor Theatre
  7. 2 Dental surgeries
  8. Dental Lab