About Intelligence Corps (G2)


To establish and maintain communication within the Force.
To provide maintenance to all communication equipment.
To Advice Defence Headquarters  on all communication matters

Our present organisational structure is as follows:

  1. Headquarters
  2. Defence Communication Center ( Signal Certer and Switchboard)
  3. Technical Workshop
  4. School of Signals
  5. Technical Stores


Several Officers have commanded this unit during its 42 years of existence namely:

Lieutenant Carl Morgan
Captain Vibert Badhoo
Captain Randolph Johnson
Captain Campton Ross
Captain Keith Ross
Lieutenant Wolfe
Captain Herbie Moe
Captain Collin Westmoreland
Major Gulbert Gudge
Captain Leon Ninvalle
Captain Terrance Stuart
Captain Dindial William
Captain Sherwin Anderson
Captain Julius Skeete
Captain Selwyn Austin 

Captain Lloyd Glen

Captain Mark St Claire 

Commander Roger Nurse (Current Officer Commanding)