Credit Union



To provide a readily available pool of funds to cater to the provident and productive needs of soldiers and members..

The act that make us a legal entity in Guyana is the Laws of Guyana Chapter 88:01 of the Co-operative Societies Act.
Like every entity we were required to prepare a set of rules that would have been approved by our subject Ministry. These rules with Committee

The Committee of Management consists of nine (9) persons, and we meet at least once monthly to discuss the business of the society. The following persons make up the committee:

  1. Maj D Carmichael               –      Chairman
  2. Maj D Nurse                         –      Vice Chairman
  3. Lt Col N Hussain                –      Secretary/Manager
  4. Lt Cdr (CG) S Harmon       –      Treasurer
  5. PO (CG) Benjamin J          –      Assistant Secretary
  6. Capt R Caulder                   –     Committee Member
  7. SSGT Debideen P              –      Committee Member
  8. W/SGT Brummell S            –      Committee Member
  9. CPL Monah K                      –      Committee Member


This Credit Union was formally established on the 28th August, 1970 and has continued into this day. We were formally registered as the Guyana Defence Force Credit Union Reg.1254.